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Muy buena, papu. Uno de tus mejores trabajos hasta la fecha.
Sigue así, perro. 👍🏽🐕
Con un trofeo bien merecido.

JuanHelsing responds:

Gracias, perro. I lofiu y gracias por siempre apoyarme. Mucho éxito con tus proyectos ♥

Damn! Pretty well done, you guys did an awesome job redoing the intro in pixel art.
Amazing collab.

Simon444 responds:

Thank you very much. I am very glad that you liked it.

Nice animation, dude! I really like the designs and how you did them.
Good work!

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Amazing game, it really seem inspired by Zelda games. The mechanics are pretty nice, your art style and the music are the pillar in the game, they're striking and good looking while you play the game.
You should use different variants of the dungeon theme for each floor, I think that would be a way to know you're approaching the boss or mini-boss. Anyway, it's a nice game and if you have plans to make it even bigger, I let you know I'll buy it for sure!

Butzbo responds:

Yep that's a pretty good point, more decoration and scenery would add a lot to the ambiance and good for hints as you comment, should be a fun part to work on when I get the time :)

The game it's pretty fun, I think the way you implemented that speeding and brake mechanism it's cool and make the game a little hard but enjoyable. The art is amazing and the music incredible, actually. Connor never fails to do a good job with music that is catchy and that in some way makes the player feel motivated to keep playing after each attempt.
Good job, guys. Congratulations!

Karlestonchew responds:

Thank you man!

Great game, I really like the character design, and the music. Gatekid did a great work with the pixel art, it looks like a Megaman stage and I loved that.
Good luck and congratulations, guys!

gatekid3 responds:

Thank you. I'm usually not the most confident when it comes to music so I'm glad it and my art were well liked.

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Nice work, man! Sounds funky

Man, you hit with this song! I really love lofi beats and this one is amazing, some weeks ago I was trying to make a lofi beat but I just stressed while doing it, I hope I have more time to improve and make a good one.
But damn, James, yours is amazing! Well done.

MisterJames responds:

Hey thanks man! If theres anything I can help with just message me 😎

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Me encantó, me gustó mucho la paleta de colores que utilizaste y el sombreado que le diste, desconocía que los personajes son de un manga pero es llamativo, tal vez lo lea en algún momento.
¡Excelente trabajo! <3

pulporila responds:

Muchas gracias!

Hahaha, Donkey Kong looks dope!

ConnorGrail responds:

Thanks, he is my favourite of the bunch. He want banana

HOLY SMOOOKE! With that outfit she looks even hotter than you usually draw her. I love it! 😳
Amazing drawing, Salem

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