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Love it!
While I was testing the game, the music gave me that vibe I had while playing Coffee Talk. The music is relaxing, I love that lofi beat it has.
Here is the drawing I made with the game:

Hope you guys like it.

Hahaha, this game is silly and dope.
I've been learning how to drive irl and is exactly like this game! A rollercoaster of emotions and you need to focus so you don't crash/ hit with any obstacle or person. Need to practice more, I was kinda nervous the last time I drive but, you put a smile on my face while playing this, thank you for that!

Rad game!!!
I like how this phone need to destroy expired food at the restaurant its in. The game is pretty dope, but I don't know if the enemies have the same level of hp but you should add a different level to each one, maybe this jelly enemie could have 3 o 4, and that yogurth could have 5 or 6, I don't know. Also, you could have designed the enemies more grotesque, awful, with mold; it gives a vibe that you're in an unhealthy restaurant and the food is gross, just my opinion.
The boss is pretty tough, tho, I died when I was about to defeat him but anyways, it is a cool game.

It's a masterpiece, literally, hahaha.

The gameplay is so fresh, new, something I haven't seen in other games. I tried the game with a mouse before trying with a tablet and doesn't get worst, it's enjoyable.
Olive's design is amazing and colofurl, you even feel the frustation she has while trying to draw those shapes as fast as she can.

You guys did a fantastic game, all of you made the best for the game. The music is awesome, the game code doesn't seem to be crashed and works perfectly, the art is freaking dope!
One of the best games of Pixel day 2022.
Edit: My only complaint is, how do I make it full screen? I want to experience the game in full screeen!

Stepford responds:

Thanks for the kind words. ♥️♥️♥️

Andyl4nd responds:

Thank you so much!!

This game looks so cool and the art styles are amazing, the pixel fits perfectly in the game and the one that are in the illustrations and medals is so adorable, you guys are going to make the Newgrounds members have a nice afternoon waiting 'till Christmas with such a piece like this.
I'm gonna enjoy it every update day!

Amazing game, it really seem inspired by Zelda games. The mechanics are pretty nice, your art style and the music are the pillar in the game, they're striking and good looking while you play the game.
You should use different variants of the dungeon theme for each floor, I think that would be a way to know you're approaching the boss or mini-boss. Anyway, it's a nice game and if you have plans to make it even bigger, I let you know I'll buy it for sure!

Butzbo responds:

Yep that's a pretty good point, more decoration and scenery would add a lot to the ambiance and good for hints as you comment, should be a fun part to work on when I get the time :)

The game it's pretty fun, I think the way you implemented that speeding and brake mechanism it's cool and make the game a little hard but enjoyable. The art is amazing and the music incredible, actually. Connor never fails to do a good job with music that is catchy and that in some way makes the player feel motivated to keep playing after each attempt.
Good job, guys. Congratulations!

Karlestonchew responds:

Thank you man!

Great game, I really like the character design, and the music. Gatekid did a great work with the pixel art, it looks like a Megaman stage and I loved that.
Good luck and congratulations, guys!

gatekid3 responds:

Thank you. I'm usually not the most confident when it comes to music so I'm glad it and my art were well liked.

Monkey fuckers! You wait till the last second to show us the game, and it's fuckin' amazing, like I expected. The mechanics are very cool and that thing with the power ups make the game more amusing.
You did an awesome job with this game, you deserved one of the prices, congratulations guys and now to wait for the whole wave of art from the fans. ♥

Stepford responds:


Es un juego bastante adictivo pero muy complicado, al menos después del 2do nivel se vuelve algo difícil, pero eso te obliga a seguir intentando. Me gustó tu idea y lo que implementaste, la mecánica del juego es muy buena, el equilibrio más el evitar los obstáculos hace que sea sumamente divertido y al mismo tiempo frustante, jajaja.
Excelente juego, Waltz.
Mucho éxito y ojalá vea más cosas tuyas por aquí.

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